The Deconstruction of Light 

Where Post-Progressive-Rock, Kosmische Musik and Krautrock figure in a magic clay...

After the release of the former albums, mud-mastermind Hagen Bretschneider received miscellaneous soundfiles from people all over the world, who played guitar or sang vocals along to Electric Mud tracks. The idea was born to recreate some pieces and contribute more instrumental parts for the new album. Rather recomposing than remixing. Over the years the german-based Electric Mud transformed from a live-trio into a studio project. So longtime studio-contributor Nico Walser added some of his sound alchemy to the music. Imagine early King Crimson jammed together with Tangerine Dream and Cluster - and you'll hear the pure audio-magic of the album

"The Deconstruction of Light".





Wrong Planet

Hagen Bretschneider (idea, sound concept, bass) and Lennart Hüper (rhythm guitar) have always focussed on instrumental compositions. They have concentrated on their own material, producing their first album "Dead Cat on a Railroad Track" in 2013.

This work was a production using only guitars, bass and drum machine. Following their success they decided to develop their music together resulting in "Lunatic Asylum" released in 2015. Hagen and Lennart were joined by Nico Walser, who produced Lunatic Asylum as well as playing lead guitar and synthesizers. This collaboration blossomed further on their third album "Wrong Planet" featuring  producer and guest musician Nico Walser again. The compositions on the first album were largely rooted in blues rock, however on Wrong Planet their music can sound like Sabbath or Zeppelin from the 70s but they combine these licks with dynamic patches from the drum machine of the 80s. 

The Hannover duo's style is steeped  in ambiant music interspersed with melodic guitar riffs. These arrangements are sometimes inspired by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, especially by their use of a violin bow played on the guitar, and the guitar solos would not sound out of place on a Camel or Pink Floyd album.  

Hagen Bretschneider

Sound & Song Concept


 Nico Walser

 Sound -Alchemy

 All additional Instruments  




        Lennart Hüper

         Rhythm Guitar

Interview with The Coven Magazine

We sat down with the mastermind of Electric Mud, Hagen Bretschneider, for an interview.  The Coven got a sneaky peek

into the world of Electric Mud. Since 2011, they have been exploring the boundaries of rock music. They started with Blues Rock which began their journey through various different stages of rock music. They are willing to try anything and to do everything they enjoy. They have written and recorded tracks in many styles and finally developed a style they call Post-Progressive Rock. "We are absolutely independent and free. We do not want or need to orientate ourselves on the market or the mainstream.

We create the (musical) world the way it seems to us." One of the things we spoke about in the interview was the fact

that Electric Mud currently consists of only two people. Since their music has become more and more complex, they feel

they would have to employ at least five musicians to be able to play their music live. Maybe they will do this in future,

but at first they want to work on their new album.

They write only instrumental rock music. The ideas for the tracks are from Electric Mud mastermind Hagen Bretschneider.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Nico Walser contributes many arrangements and ideas to compliment Hagen's vision.

They concentrate on making purely instrumental music because they want to express thoughts and emotions

for which there are no words. Together with their fans, they would like to immerse themselves in their musical universe,

in which they are free to express different experiences, both senscient and sensual, which make up the human condition.

Hagen said about the younger years of his life: "The foundation for my musical development was a birthday present.

When I was 14 years old, someone gave me "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd. It turned my life upside down

and I immediately left my teenage music behind me. What I heard before I can not tell you....“

We talked a little bit about their views on today's music industry: "Neoliberalism and global corporations, of course, have not passed us by in Germany. The music culture here is getting more and more absurd unfortunately. It is just background noise. Soulless, meaningless and vapid. The music industry is just like a sausage factory, a single gigantic commercial enterprise with

too much money to throw at making garbage for mass consumption. It manufactures shallow feelings, insincere compassion,

earns millions for its directors and shareholders, and always remains blissfully unpolitical and squeaky clean. We are concerned about another tendency here: the increasing number of Neo-Nazi rock bands in Germany employing leitmotifs that reflect

the current rise in popularity of racist far-right politics.

We are always happy when we hear how diverse the music culture remains in the USA and other countries".

We also asked them about how they make their music as now instead of just recording in a studio you can literally go anywhere and bring what you recorded back and mix it in the studio. So we asked how they like to compose their tracks. "We use everything that makes sounds for our recordings. We feel completely free to do what we like here. So you can find violin bow guitars as well as recordings of bees, baking sheets, cooking pots and many other unusual sounds. "

The world has changed greatly because of the internet and other modern technologies. Sadly, it is the big acts who benefit most

of all. We cannot turn the clock back. We are always happy when small independent bands find their niches and attract a following. After all, they are often the real innovators. We are delighted that there is this alternative and independent movement in which musicians, fans and radio stations are supported outside of the mainstream. In Germany live music is unfortunately threatened with extinction. Many organizers and DJs in clubs or at parties dare not take any risk on anything new. They prefer to play the usual dull music you can hear everyday on commercial radio. We want to make a difference.

As the interview came to a close, I asked Hagen if he and Nico were planning to work on anything new that the fans could keep

an eye out for. He replied : "We are working on a new album which will be released by the end of the year (2017)."

Sounds awesome and we are all looking forward to hearing what Electric Mud will offer us with their next album.

So we hope all of the fans of The Coven will be watching and listening out for this when it is released.

We know the fans of Electric Mud will be waiting eagerly.